Orthognatic surgery versus maxillomandibular advancement in treatment of OSAS

Jorge FABER, Carolina FABER, Mônica dos Santos CANDIDO, Thiago OTTONI, Sergio Bruzadelli MACEDO, Leandro BICALHO

INTRODUCTION: Skeletal surgery for obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) has been implemented as the first treatment option in many cases. The most frequent skeletal surgery is maxillomandibular advancement (MMA), which is a highly successful procedure. Often, MMA is confused with orthognathic surgery (OS). These two surgeries are technically very similar. However, the objectives of the treatments are contrastingly different in dimensions such that they deserve the distinction given in the literature to the two procedures. The traditional orthodontic preparation phase for patients with OSAS in traditional OSs — i.e., dental decompensation — should not be performed unless patients use a CPAP during orthodontic preparation, as traditional orthodontic preparation is iatrogenic in patients with OSAS. Thus, treatment with the Surgery First orthodontic technique is essential for the treatment of patients with OSAS through MMA. OBJECTIVE: This article presents the distinction between OS and MMA and shows how orthodontic decompensation after surgery is done, by means of a case report.

Keywords: Sleep apnea, obstructive. Orthodontics. Orthognathic surgery.

How to cite: Faber J, Faber C, Candido MS, Ottoni T, Macedo SB, Bicalho L. Orthognatic surgery versus maxillomandibular advancement in treatment of OSAS. Clin Orthod. 2021 Apr-May;20(2):84-96.

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