Indication of clear aligners in the early treatment of anterior crossbite: a case series

Edoardo STADERINI, Romeo PATINI, Simonetta MEULI, Andrea CAMODECA, Federica GUGLIELMI, Patrizia GALLENZI

Introduction: Anterior crossbite (AC) is defined as a reverse sagittal relationship between maxillary and mandibular incisors. According to an evidence-based orthodontic triage, the treatment need of AC is indicated if any occlusal interference is forcing the mandible towards a Class III growth pattern. Removable and fixed appliances have been suggested to correct AC. Objective: The present report aims at presenting the benefits of an alternative therapy for the early treatment of anterior crossbite using clear aligners. Methods: Two cases of anterior crossbite corrected using clear aligners in 8-years-old children are presented. Results: In both cases, AC was successfully corrected within 5 months. At the end of the treatment, overjet and overbite were corrected. No major discomfort or speech impairment was noticed by the parents. Conclusions: Due to the perceived shortcomings of alternative approaches, the use of clear aligners for correcting AC in mixed dentition should be considered as a comfortable and well tolerated appliance for young patients.

Keywords: Orthodontics interceptive. Malocclusion. Orthodontic appliances removable.

How to cite: Staderini E, Patini R, Meuli S, Camodeca A, Guglielmi F, Gallenzi P. Indication of clear aligners in the early treatment of anterior crossbite: a case series. Dental Press J Orthod. 2020 July-Aug;25(4):33-43. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1590/2177-6709.25.4.033-043.oar

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