Identification of dental calcification stages as a predictor of skeletal development phase

Patrícia Ravena M. REBOUÇAS, Catarina Ribeiro Barros de ALENCAR, Maria Jacinta A. L. L. A. ARRUDA, Rosa Helena W. LACERDA, Daniela P. de MELO, Ítalo de M. BERNARDINO, Patrícia M. BENTO

Objective: This study aimed to establish a correlation between the stages of tooth calcification of mandibular canines and second molars with the phases of skeletal development. Methods: In a consecutive series of panoramic, cephalometric and hand-wrist radiographs of 113 individuals (60 females and 53 males) with an average age of 12.24 ± 1.81 years, the stages of mandibular canine and second molar calcification, cervical vertebrae maturation indicators (CVMI) and skeletal maturity indicators (SMI) were classified. The variables were correlated by means of the Spearman’s Rank test: chronological age, SMI, CVMI and tooth calcification stages. In order to assess whether the CVMI and tooth calcification stages were significant predictors of the SMI, an ordinal regression analysis was carried out. Results: The stages of CVMI (OR = 16.92; CI 95% = 6.45-44.39; p < 0.001) and calcification of the second molars (OR = 3.22; CI 95% = 1.50-6.92; p = 0.003) were significant predictors of SMI, how-ever similar result was not observed for canines (OR = 0.52, CI 95% = 0.18-1.54; p = 0.239). Calcification stage E for boys, and E and F for girls corresponded to the pre-peak phase of pubertal growth. Stages G and H for boys, and F and G for girls coincided with peak of growth. In the final growth phase, the majority of second molars presented with root apex closure (stage H). Conclusion: The stages of calcification of the second molar may be considered predictors of the stage of skeletal development in the population studied.

Keywords: Carpal bones. Cervical vertebrae. Orthodontics. Radiography.

How to cite: Rebouças PRM, Alencar CRB, Arruda MJALLA, Lacerda RHW, Melo DP, Bernardino IM, Bento PM. Identification of dental calcification stages as a predictor of skeletal development phase. Dental Press J Orthod. 2021;26(4):e2119292. https://doi.org/10.1590/2177-6709.26.4.e2119292.oar

Monday, October 18, 2021 14:11