Considerations on the clinical approach and sequelae after late replantation

Marcos Sergio Endo, Izabela Volpato Marques, Fernanda Chiguti Yamashita, Nair Narumi Orita Pavan.

Introduction: Tooth avulsion is a severe injury. Management of teeth and soft tissues affected during and after replantation is important utmost importance to obtain a favorable prognosis. Objective: This study aimed to discuss the conduct of late replantation, based on a case report, and suggest other therapeutic approaches. Case report: Female 9-year-old patient suffered avulsion of tooth #11 which was kept dry for two hours. Replantation of tooth #11 was performed followed by flexible retention for 15 days. The tooth showed a positive response to pulp sensitivity test for five months. Subsequently, we started endodontic treatment with ten periodic changes of calcium hydroxide-based intracanal medication combined with propylene glycol. Clinical and radiographic control, carried out after six months, revealed replacement root resorption, which remained in place for three years. Conclusion: Although late replantation is a treatment option, other clinical approaches should be studied and considered to minimize future sequelae.

Keywords: Endodontics. Dental trauma. Root resorption.

How to cite: Endo MS, Marques IV, Yamashita FC, Pavan NNO. Considerations on the clinical approach and sequelae after late replantation. Dental Press Endod. 2017 Jan-Apr;7(1):66-70. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14436/2358-2545.7.1.066-070.oar

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