Reverse interdisciplinary workflow associated with in-office clear aligners

Guilherme Nakagawa Santos, Rubens Moreno de Freitas, Rodrigo Ehlers Ilkiu, Charles Lenzi de Araújo e Shaban Mirco Burgoa LA Forcada

Introduction: With the CAD/CAM technology in Dentistry, our way to plan a multidisciplinary case has changed. Objective: The present article exemplifies the application of a multidisciplinary reverse planning in a case treated with clear aligners, highlighting the importance of the orthodontic setup to be aligned with the restorative planning. Case report: A 27-year-old female patient needing orthodontic treatment with aligners in order to prepare the dental arches to receive a rehabilitation treatment with implant and indirect restorations. The workflow started with intraoral scanning impressions and the acquisition of facial photographs, so that through image overlay tools into CAD software’s, the dentist could make an ideal virtual planning of the patients smile. This 3D file is a final project of expected results, which was used as reference to guide the orthodontic setup to match the rehabilitation treatment. The aligners were made in office with 3D printing, by exporting the virtual files generated by Beyond Digital Solutions planning center, and thermoformed under pressure with appropriate equipment. Results: Through the philosophy of interdisciplinary reverse planning, an ideal planning was obtained, and generated a sequence of clear aligners to reposition the teeth in the ideal working position for rehabilitative treatment. Conclusions: The interdisciplinary reverse virtual planning was fundamental to build an ideal smile design that served as a guide for the treatment with clear aligners. We believe that aligners are the most appropriate orthodontic option to replicate the dental movements programmed into softwares, if compared with fixed appliances.

Keywords: Clear aligners. Digital workflow. CAD/CAM. Interdisciplinary.

How to cite: Santos GN, Freitas RM, Ilkiu RE, Araújo CL, La Forcada SMB. Planejamento reverso interdisciplinar associado aos alinhadores estéticos fabricados em consultório. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2019 Dez-2020 Jan;18(6):46-54.

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