Orthodontic movement with the purpose of promoting bone tissue for implants: case report

Rúbia Furlan MALINSKI, Elcy Pinto de ARRUDA, Rubens SAUTCHUK JUNIOR

Objective: The purpose of this study was to show, by means of a clinical case, the dental movement towards the atrophic alveolar ridge area by the agenesis of teeth #31, #32, #41 and #42, aiming at restoring bone in quantity and quality enough to install a implant-borne prosthesis. This procedure is supported by biological principles of tooth movement, because during this process the alveolar bone and the healthy periodontium accompanies the dental element. Orthodontic movement is an alternative to bone grafting surgery. Methods: Orthodontic mechanics was performed with 0.022-in Edgewise brackets bonded with individualized angulation. Sliding mechanics of elements #33 and #43 was per- formed. Results: There was mesial movement of the elements and bone formation in the distal, enough for implant installation. Con- clusion: In this clinical case it was possible to move the dental element through the atrophic alveolar bone. This movement left a trace of bone tissue with greater volume, height and quality, capable of receiving implantborne prosthetic rehabilitation. This is an effective alternative for bone rehabilitation in cases of atrophic alveolar ridge.

Keywords: Tooth movement techniques. Alveolar bone loss. Alveolar ridge augmentation. Orthodontics. Dental implants.

How to cite: Malinski RF, Arruda EP, Sautchuk Junior R. Movimentação ortodôntica com finalidade de promover tecido ósseo para implantes: caso clínico. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2019 Dez-2020 Jan;18(6):55-64.

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