Dental agenesis treatment and its relation with canine impaction and Angle Class III malocclusion

José Augusto Mendes Miguel, Isabella Simões Holz, Diego Junior Da Silva Santos

Introduction: patients with permanent teeth agenesis have a significantly increased prevalence of canine ectopic eruption (CEE), which may be associated with Class III malocclusion. Objective: The present article aims to present, by means of a clinical case, the treatment of a female patient, in active growth period, that presented congenital absence of the mandibular lateral incisors, impaction of the maxillary left canine, associated with Class III occlusal relationship. Methods: Treatment included rapid maxillary expansion, followed by fixed appliance, for reopening the space in the canine area and, finally, traction of the impacted canine. Results: After 43 months of treatment, tooth #23 successfully achieved its position. In addition, teeth #32 and #42 were replaced by teeth #33 and #43, and the Class III malocclusion was maintained, due to the mesialization of the entire posterior segment. Conclusion: whenever possible, dental anomalies should be diagnosed early, because they act as risk indicators for dental eruption disturbances. In addition, a consistent treatment plan associated with timely preventive approaches for the simplification of orthodontic treatment should be adopted.

Keywords: Malocclusion, Angle Class III. Tooth eruption, ectopic. Anodontia. Growth.

How to cite: Miguel JAM, Holz IS, Santos DJS. O tratamento da agenesia dentária e sua correlação com a impacção de caninos e a má oclusão de Classe III. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2019 Dez-2020 Jan;18(6):89-100.

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