Change in crown inclination accompanying initial tooth alignment with round archwires


Objective: To evaluate, in-vitro, the change in crown inclination that occurs during orthodontic leveling and alignment using different archwire-bracket-ligation combinations. Materials and Methods: Four archwire types were tested: (1) 0.012-in stainless steel and (2) 0.0155-in stainless steel multi-stranded, (3) 0.012-in nitinol Orthonol® and (4) 0.012-in nitinol Thermalloy®. Combinations with five types of 0.022-in slot orthodontic brackets were tested: SmartClipTM and Time3® self-ligating brackets, Mini-Taurus® and Victory SeriesTM conventional brackets, and Synergy® conventional-low friction bracket. Conventional brackets were ligated with both stainless steel and elastomeric ligatures. The simulated malocclusion comprised 2.0mm gingival and 2.0mm labial displacements of a maxillary right central incisor. Rotation around the Y-axis (representing labio-palatal inclination) was measured for the different archwire-bracket-ligation combinations. Results: The largest rotation was measured whith Orthonol® and Thermalloy® wires when combined with SmartClipTM brackets (8.07±0.24º and 8.06±0.26º, respectively) and with Synergy® brackets ligated with stainless steel ligatures (8.03±0.49º and 8.0±0.37º, respectively). The lower rotation was recorded when Thermalloy®, multi-stranded, and Orthonol® wires were ligated with elastomeric rings to Mini-Taurus® brackets (1.53±0.18º, 1.65± 0.23º and 1.70±0.28º, respectively) and to Victory SeriesTM brackets (1.68± 0.78º, 2.92± 1.40º and 1.74±0.46º, respectively). Conclusions: All archwire-bracket-ligation combinations produced lingual crown inclination; however, lower changes were observed when the conventional brackets were ligated with elastomeric rings. The multi-stranded archwire produced less rotation with nearly every bracket-ligation combination, compared to the other archwires. The effect of the archwire-bracket-ligation combination on tooth inclination during leveling and alignment should be considered during planning treatment mechanics.

Keywords: Inclination. Tooth alignment. Orthodontic archwires. Orthodontic brackets.

How to cite: Montasser MA, Keilig L, Bourauel C. Change in crown inclination accompanying initial tooth alignment with round archwires. Dental Press J Orthod. 2022;27(3):e2220489

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